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PSY2012 - BC Online

What is a Database?

Databases are digital collections of information. Library Databases offer information in the form of articles, eBooks, audio & video clips and much more.

Google vs. Databases?

Library databases differ from Google because they contain information that is more scholarly than Google results. Databases are more:

  1. Accurate- examined by experts in the field (peer-reviewed); information can be verified in other sources
  2. Authoritative- written or published by an industry professional with credentials & qualifications; reputable source
  3. Objective- information is factual not opinionated; purpose is not to sell or persuade user

This is a 2.5 min. video explaining the benefits of using library databases for research.

Evaluating Information

Use the CRAAP test to evaluate sources. 

An infographic on CRAAP test

This 2 min. video elaborates on the CRAAP test for evaluating sources.