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ENC 2210 - Prof. Daniels: Assignment


There are lots of resources for information on careers, choosing a college and/or major and relocating. Your assignment asks you to pick one of these topics (or any combination of the three) for a feasibility study. There are links here to reference sources, books, databases and websites where you can get more information. 

Career Assessment

Holland Codes (Rogue Community College)

Choosing A College

College Source

Explore colleges/universities worldwide. Search for a specific school, or browse list of schools within a country. Links to college web site and often entire catalog.

US News & World Report College Rankings   

Yearly ranking of best colleges

College Scorecard

US Department of Education site that provides updated, comprehensive information on colleges. Allows students to compare colleges based on cost and future earnings.

Smart College Choices

Finding Articles

Find articles from newspapers, magazines and journals in the UCL databases. You can even find video clips!  Possible keywords and phraseschoosing the right collegepaying for school, paying for college, college choice, a specific career field, etc