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INR 2002 - Prof. Choate

Introduction to International Relations

Finding Books

Call numbers are used to locate print books in the library. What is a call number? It is a series of letters and numbers in alphabetical and numerical order that designate where a book is placed on the shelf.

For a detailed explanation on call numbers, click here: Understanding Call Numbers

Quick Library Tour

First Floor - Reference Books

Second Floor - Circulating Books A-H

Third Floor - Circulating Books J-R

Fourth Floor - Circulating Books S-Z, Oversized Collection, and (CLC) Children's Collection

Search for Books & eBooks. To locate other library materials use the BC Libraries homepage.

Note: You may have to log in with your One Login (BC email) to access library resources.

WorldCat is the world's largest database of library books. It allows you to search local library collections such as Nova Southeastern University, Florida Atlantic University, and the Broward County Public Library, as well as the United States and worldwide.

Once you locate books available from WorldCat, Current BC/FAU students may request books not owned by U/CL through the Interlibrary Loan

Articles and Streaming Media

A database is a searchable collection of information. In library research, a database is where you can find sources such as journal, newspaper, and magazine articles. Some databases offer sources on various subject areas while others are specific to a discipline or subject area.




Magazines are written for the general public. They feature lots of pictures and advertisements. The authors of the articles are often staff writers. The content includes information on current events, entertainment and special features.


Information in newspapers is targeted toward the general public. Newspapers usually feature black and white print and photographs. The articles are written by journalists and staff writers. The articles discuss news events and special features.

Trade Journal

Trade journals contain information for professionals within a specific industry. Usually staff writers or industry professionals write the articles. They feature color photographs and industry specific advertisements. The articles discuss news and special features related to a specific industry.

Academic Journal

Researchers and scholars are the main audience for academic journals. They do not feature pictures or advertisements. Research articles make-up the content. They are written by researchers/scholars of a particular profession or discipline.