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EAP 1640C Prof. Gittens: MLA Template

Steps to Setup Word for MLA

  1. Change font to Times New Roman, 12 pt.
  2. Under Page Layout - Choose Margins. Set to Normal (1" on all sides).
  3. Under Home - Paragraph - Click tiny arrow in lower right corner - Under Spacing, Choose Double - Select box for "Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style" - Make sure "0 pt" is selected for "Before" and "After." 
  4. Go to Insert - Header - Page Numbers - Select Top of Page - Plain Number 3 - Enter last name next to page number, leaving one space between your name and the number - Close Header.
  5. On first line, left justified, enter:

    Your Name

    Your Prossor's Name

    The course you are writing this for

    The date

  6. Press Enter - Select Center - Type Title of the paper in regular font (do not bold, underline, italicize, or use quotation marks).
  7. Press Enter - Press Tab to indent for your first paragraph. Remember to indent for each new paragraph.

Sample First Page in Word Document Set for MLA

Screenshot of Word Document set for MLA