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PSY 2012 - Prof. Franco: Welcome to PSY 2012

General Psychology

About the Library

The University/College Library is a joint-use facility located on the A. Hugh Adams Central Campus (Building 17) serving Broward College (BC) and Florida Atlantic University (FAU). The guide below explains library policies and procedures, inform you about our services, and assists you with your research needs. If you have suggestions on how we can improve our services to better meet your needs, please let us know.

Your Assignment

Group Presentation Guidelines

This assignment allows you to demonstrate your ability to analyze information and accurately present research based information related to psychological topics.

You will work in groups of 3 students and present for 10 minutes on a psychological topic.

Topic Approval Forms are DUE 1/27

Topics will be approved first come first serve and they cannot be duplicated.

Choose an article published in the past 2-3 years.

A copy/printout of your article must be submitted to Dr. Franco by 2/3 at the beginning of class.

At the top of the article, write: Group#_, Names, Date of Presentation, Class time


The article MUST report on scientific studies.

Possible article sources include:

  • Scientific American Mind                New York Times
  • The Atlantic                                  Vox
  • Slate                                            Washington Post
  • Huffington Post                             APA Monitor

Once your article gets approved, read and analyze the article. Research the topic further using reputable sources. You are expected to demonstrate a deep understanding of your topic.

Decide with your group members how you will spend your 10 minutes of fame. Each group member must be a significant contributor to the presentation/discussion.

Complete “Presentation Notes”

On your presentation day, submit “Presentation Notes” and “Presentation Grading Checklist”

Your presentation should include the following:

  • Explanation of why this topic is important and what is the main problem the author addresses.

  • Analysis of the research that was conducted and the research findings.

  • Interactive activity/discussion.

  • Conclusion

You are expected to work as a group and collaborate with your group members. I will use the presentation evaluation form to provide you feedback.

Bring a printed copy of your article to class on 2/3

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