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Streaming Video

This guide provides access to licensed video collections at the University/College Library, as well as web resources that may be accessed via the Internet.

About This Guide

This guide provides basic information on streaming video resources available at the University/College Library (UCL).

UCL provides access to thousands of streaming videos through:

What is Streaming Video?

Streaming video is a means of delivering video content to computer desktops via an Internet connection. A host (server) delivers the file to the receiving computer (client).   Settings at the host’s end determine whether access is available to multiple simultaneous users or limited to a single user.  Unlike video downloads which must transfer to the viewer’s desktop, streamed video plays almost immediately after the viewer hits the “play” button; some content must buffer before streaming begins.  Streaming video also differs from video downloads in that no copy of the file is stored on the end-user’s computer, so files remain relatively secure.

Streaming videos are viewed using players such as Windows Media, Flash and Quicktime.

Users can start viewing the multimedia data before the entire file has been transmitted and do not have to download large files on their computer.

Why Streaming Video?

Video engages our attention. Video that is directly related to your course content and design will engage your students.

Streaming video from the subscription sources that are featured in this guide will stream directly to your classroom and to your students anywhere.

This guide is designed to introduce several sources of curriculum-related video that you can embed or link in D2L and that you and your students can access only through the library.

Copyright Information

Copyright Protection

Streaming videos cannot be downloaded to your computer. The University/College Library license gives you the rights to view or listen to the files inside or outside of the classroom. However, the rights to save, copy or distribute the files are held by the copyright owner and protected by law.

Public Performance

We have public performance rights for all Ambrose Videos. You can show them at:

  • club meetings
  • school sponsored social events
  • committee meetings
  • other school activities

We do not have public performance rights for any other streaming video collections.

Class Performance

All our videos may be shown in face to face classroom settings without restriction. Links may be included in D2L for all courses, including online and blended.