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ENC 1101 - Prof. Berzak: Start Here

Essay assignment

Online Literature Sources

These are just a few of the many databases available to you through the library's web page. These are a good placed to start for your assignment. View additional online resources here.

The Assignment

Appiah Prompt Essay 2

In “Making Conversation and The Primacy of Practice,” Kwame Anthony Appiah suggests that in today’s world people are responsible to people both inside and outside of their own culture. Appiah sees “Cosmopolitanism” as a challenge that requires people to be open and receptive to the way other people do things, but without losing touch with the ways of their own cultures. Using Appiah’s essay and 1 research text, write a 3-4-page essay arguing for the importance of “Cosmopolitanism” in a particular issue in today’s world.

  •  Rough Draft-2 pages minimum; final draft 3-4 full pages
  •  MLA format, Times New Roman, 12-pt. font, double-spaced, typed
  •  Must include a sexy title and a Works Cited page.
  •  Proper heading and running header


What issue will you address? Does your issue derive from a struggle between national/local/cultural values and broader universal values? How can these be balanced? How can “conversation” help to solve the problem? Can the problem ever be solved with both sides appeased?



Begin with identifying the keywords you will use in your search. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Cosmopolitanism and Appiah
  2. Cosmopolitanism and Culture
  3. Global Citizenship
  4. Citizenship of the world
  5. Cultural differences
  6. Ethnocentrism
  7. Moral theory

just to name a few...

Then choose the databases you will use in your first attempt. If you do not receive the results you need do not become discouraged! We have many many more databases and resources for you. This is all part of the process.

Once you identify articles you are considering using them for  your essay save them to a USB drive or another device. You can always delete them later. Before you use them in your essay evaluate the source.

And finally, do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it!

Journals vs. Magazines

Journals - academic/scholarly publications of articles written by experts in the particular field of study. These articles are written for others within that particular discipline or profession using vocabulary and terminology common to them. Example: Journal of American Medical Association.

(Within journals is the more rigorous scholarly peer-reviewed or refereed articles that have to pass review by a board of experts in the field before publication.)

Magazines - general publications of articles written for people to get an overview of a topic, meant for general population comprehension. Magazine articles may be written by experts but are meant to be relatable to a larger audience than journals. Example: Newsweek.

What is a database?

A library database is an indexed collection of magazine, journal, and newspaper articles, books, video files, image files, reviews, abstracts, and other information that has been checked for accuracy and reliability by publishers, then licensed for distribution in electronic format.

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