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Chicago/Turabian Author-Date

Guide to Chicago/Turabian Author-Date Style.

In-Text Citations

1 Author

(Duckworth 2016, 82)

2 Authors

(Choi and Peng 2016, 111-12)

3 Authors 

(White, Williams, and Willig 2016, 6-7)

4 Authors (or more)

(Eichengreen et al. 2015, 120)

Government/Organizational Author

(Associated Press 2015)

No Author - Article

("Great Trigonometrical Survey" 1863, 26)

1 Author

Duckworth illustrates...(2016, 82). 

2 Authors

Choi and Peng specified...(2016, 111-12).

3 Authors

White, Williams, and Willig state...(2016, 6-7).

4 Authors (or more)

Eichengreen et al. found...(2015, 120).

Government/Organizational Author 

According to the Associated Press...(2015). 

No Author - Article

Details from the "Great Trigonometrical Survey" reports...(1863, 26).