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ENC0017C - Professor Ellis

A persuasive essay proposes to change your beliefs or actions on a particular issue. The author takes a side and gives their opinion on why something is good/bad, right/wrong, moral/immoral, or justified/unjustified. The topics tend to be debatable and the essay itself should have a convincing tone. While the objective is to sway your reader, it is important to have factual evidence to support your point of view. Common examples of persuasive essay topics include:
  • A politician running for office or re-election
  • A lawyer or prosecutor trying to convince a jury
  • The benefits of physical activity
  • The importance of getting a college education

Student Services at the University/College Library

Use of the library databases, e-books, and My Account require a login. Your Borrower ID is your BC ID#. Your default PIN is a 4 digit code based on your birth date: MMDD. (For example, if you were born on July 04, your PIN is 0704.). For help logging in, please contact the U/C Library at 954.201.6653 or 954.201.6649.

Student Research Appointment

For personal assistance from a librarian, please specify two days and times you are available to meet. Please allow 30-45 minutes for your appointment . We recommend scheduling 2 days in advance in order to accommodate your desired meeting time.

Students can schedule an online tutoring appointment via WConline at Broward College Students can access by logging into your One Access and D2L accounts. A user guide has been included for your viewing Student Guide.