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Black Lives Matter

Our goal is to ensure that our colleagues understand why #BlackLivesMatter (and address the social response to the notion of All Lives Matter), focus on social justice, and create an atmosphere of civil discussion on race.

Critical Thinking and BLM

Broward College defines critical thinking as "a process of evaluating information by questioning and testing assumption, accepting or rejecting arguments and/or perspectives, and applying reasoning to make informed decisions."

  • How can we incorporate the BLM movement into our courses?
  • How can faculty design assignments and activities that engage students in thinking critically about BLM?
  • How can we help our students understand the relevance, depth, and breadth of BLM?
  • How can we help our students logically process statement and attitudes surrounding BLM?
  • How can a critical thinking approach help develop intellectual traits of humility, integrity, courage, empathy, and fair-mindedness in faculty, staff, and students?

Pedagogy and Black Lives Matter

Lesson Plans

All Lives Matter - A Discussion on Black Lives Matter for BC Curricula