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ISM1000C - BC Online

Final Project

You Can Do It!

Research Evaluation Assignment:

Using the CRAAP method, find and evaluate at least six sources related to your topic. At least one should be a scholarly source. You can find scholarly sources from the library’s database page.  

Create a Word Document that lists the Name, Date, Author, URL of your sources and includes 1-4 sentences on the sources’ contents (see sample below).


Calluzzo, V.J. & Cante, C.J. (2004). Ethics in information technology and software use. Journal of Business Ethics, 51: 301.

This research study argues that college students are uncertain about what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate behavior regarding college software and will take this uncertainty and behavior with them into the workplace upon graduation.

Go to:

The Evaluating Sources page to learn how to use the CRAAP test to evaluate sources.

Go to:

The Finding Sources page to find scholarly sources from the BC Library.

Final Speech Assignment:

Your final project in this course is a business presentation. You will select an ETHICAL ISSUE related to the Information Technology WORKPLACE and will give (and record) a 3-4 minute speech to a live audience of family and friends. Please keep in mind that you cannot just speak about ethics in the workplace… you need to focus on a particular ethical issue.

Go to:

The Choosing a Topic page to help narrow down your topic.

Go to:

The Finding Sources page to search for sources on your topic.