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AST1002 - BC Online

Astronomy Research Paper

You Can Do It!

Step 1 (20 points):

Identify Research Topic

Choose an interesting and relevant topic from the list below or use these ideas to create your own. If you are skeptical about your choice of topic, email your professor with your thesis.

  1. Atmosphere of the Sun
  2. Kuiper Belt
  3. Wobbling Saturn Moon
  4. Study of an Exoplanet
  5. Mars comet encounter

Step 2 (20 points):

Do some research to develop a thesis statement about your topic. A thesis statement is designed to describe the reasons behind why you are writing the paper. This will be a clear fact to enlighten others who read your paper. This statement should be no more than 5 sentences in length. 

Step 3 (60 points):

Astronomy Research Paper

Submit/upload a 2-page, font size 12, research paper based on Steps 1 and 2. Separate page for References page. Use APA format (reference Student Toolbox: APA References) paying special attention to citations/references. 

Go to:

The Finding Sources page.


Watch this 4 min. video to learn how to find sources and cite them in APA citation style for your Astronomy Research Paper.