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EAP 1540                    Professor Solley                      Due March 22, 2015


Essay # 3- Classification Essay:  College Major/ Career Research


Essay Topic: Think about your chosen major (or one you are possibly interested in learning about). You probably chose your college major based on the job you would like to eventually have. However, there are many career options for the various college degrees offered. For example, if you earn a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, you could work as a Credit Analyst, Auditor, or Purchasing Agent.



To match your chosen college degree to possible jobs, go to



Directions: Choose 3 jobs related to your chosen college major to research. Then investigate each of those 3 jobs using the Occupational Outlook Handbook ( You will then write a 5 PARAGRAPH CLASSIFICATION ESSAY< that includes:


I.  Introduction –Describe/define your chosen college major or the chosen your chosen career field (example- business, nursing, education) and write a stated thesis statement that lists the three jobs you will discuss (related to that field).


II, III, IV: (1 body paragraph per job) Each of the body paragraphs should focus on only one of the jobs. Include important information such as median pay, job outlook, what they actually do, work environment, or anything else you feel is important. YOU MUST PARAPHRASE (restate the info in your own words). Use the section in the back of your textbook to help you. I recommend you only use the source I gave you (above) because it has the most accurate information available (from U.S. Dept. of Labor). A secondary source to use is



V. Conclusion - summarizes your learning and your opinion/point of view on the 3 jobs (you could discuss which one you feel is the best fit for you).



* You will also need to include in-text citations and a separate MLA formatted “Works Cited” page that lists all the websites/resources you used in your paper. There are resources in the back of your textbook and at I will also review this in class

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