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Provides print and electronic resources on the topic of feminism.

About Feminism

People holding signs at a rallyFeminism is a dynamic philosophy and social movement that advocates for human rights and gender equality. While the precise meaning of this term changes from generation to generation and from individual to individual, a commitment to the advancement of women’s rights remains an essential component of feminism. Since French socialist Charles Fourier first coined the term in 1837, the definition of feminism has been in flux, as different social movements have adopted the banner of feminism to meet the goals specific to their time. Similarly, the feminist identity has also evolved to become more inclusive of individuals of different races, sexual orientations, and even genders, with the philosophy that not every woman is a feminist, and not every feminist is a woman.(Opposing Viewpoints)

Narrow the Topic

  • Is feminism still relevant?
  • How has feminism harmed or helped women?
  • How has the evolution of feminism affected society?
  • What is the future of feminism?
  • What is ecofeminism?
  • Are feminists anti-male?
  • Why do certain religious groups find feminism a threat to the family?
  • What impact did the 2016 presidential election have on feministic views?