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Autism Spectrum

About Autism

A picture of a child with his family and stacking cupsAutism is a general term for a group of complex disorders of brain development that are grouped together under the broader term of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Prior to the publication of the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) in 2013, autistic disorders were classified as distinct subtypes, including Asperger’s syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD), and pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS). Autism is characterized by a set of symptoms that include limited social abilities and highly patterned behavior; it affects the way people communicate, interact, behave, and learn. (Opposing Viewpoints)

Narrow the Topic

  • What are the causes of autism?
  • Is there a link between vaccines and autism?
  • What are the symptoms of autism?
  • Can autism be prevented?
  • Is autism curable?
  • Discuss the success of methods used to teach autistic children.
  • Compare three therapies for autism.
  • How can schools, colleges, or universities best respond to the needs of autistic students?