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Literary Festival: Literary Festival 2018

Schedule of Events

LITERARY FESTIVAL 2018 – Schedule of Events

Literary Festival 2018 - Schedule of Events

Multilingual Poetry Slam

Sponsored by the Modern Foreign Language faculty

U/CL Research Showcase

The Research Showcase is a poster session event for Broward College and Florida Atlantic University students and faculty, to present their research.

  • Meet fellow researchers from Broward College & Florida Atlantic University
  • Share your research at this poster session event
  • Strengthen your presentation skills and enhance your resume

College Read Speaker Event

  • Fredi Lajvardi shares with audiences nationwide a first-hand account of the story that brought renewed national focus to S.T.E.M. education and inspired a critically acclaimed documentary & major motion picture.

    With humor and passion, Lajvardi reveals the simple secrets to his national champion robotics team's unprecedented success, and imparts to audiences the same wisdom, spirit of inventiveness, and determination that transformed an improbable group of disadvantaged Hispanic teenagers into an unstoppable national powerhouse.  His heartfelt presentation captures the imagination, maximizes potential, and sparks the creativity in all of us.

Expresso Yourself