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Literary Festival: FAQ

Literary Festival 2019 FAQ

What is this all about?

Literary Festival 2019 is an event in which Broward College and FAU students, staff and faculty are invited to come participate in a variety of events such as 2 Open Mic events, Speech and Essay contests, Expressions Boards, Student Research Exhibit, and more! 

Where is this happening?

This year, Literary Festival will be at the University/College Library (Building 17) on Davie/Central Campus. Specific event locations can be found on the main tab "Literary Festival 2019." The campus map can be viewed to the right.

Why would I come to this?

First, it is a great opportunity to meet faculty & student researchers at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level, all of whom have a wealth of knowledge and experience, to share. 

Second, you get to mingle with other like-minded students in a fun, social and academic setting.

Third, if you are interested in research or publishing, this is a great opportunity to ask questions from people who are active in research and/or have published in a variety of formats and situations.

Fourth, there is the whole 'party in the library' aspect - that is well worth experiencing; if only for the novelty of not getting - shushed.

Can I bring a friend?

The event is for BC and FAU students, staff and faculty.

What's with the Media Release form?

We will be taking pictures and filming the event for our own promotional use. As such, we require that everyone in attendance and participation has signed a release form allowing for the use of their image.

I heard there were prizes...

Well, yes. Although we believe that the experience itself is a prize, we do have prizes for the winners of the College Read Essay and Speech Contests.

Please Bring

We will have video recording in progress and still photography. Please bring a signed release to the registration table.

Map of Central Campus

BC Central Map