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HSC 2100-Prof. Perez

Global Health Assignment

Global Health Project Presentation- 100 points

You will have areas of global health to choose from. Decide on a topic within these areas that is a current global issue that we are facing. Explain the background/history, global incidence & prevalence, symptoms prevention/treatment, strategy for control.
Global Areas:
Neglected Parasitic infections (Soil-transmitted helminth infections in children, Chagas Disease, Cysticercosis, Toxocariasis, toxoplasmosis)
Occupational & Health Hazards (chemical safety, environmental cancers, Water & sanitation, outdoor air pollution, stress & workplace)
Infectious Diseases (Ebola, Cholera, Wild Polio Virus, Enterovirus, drug resistant Tuberculosis, MERS, SARS)
Non-communicable diseases (Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, Chronic respiratory diseases)
Prepare a 10-minute presentation that will be both informative and entertaining to your classmates, as well as provide you with an opportunity to be creative and enhance your public speaking skills. Teaching a topic to others is an excellent way to truly learn something new. Have fun with this! Be creative! You can do a regular lecture, create a short skit and act it out in front of the class, videotape a “live on the scene” news report, etc. You can use audiovisuals if you wish. If you desire to use a PowerPoint, please save your work on a flash drive or CD and bring in with you. If you desire handouts, please submit to me electronically (via email Attachment) one week prior to your presentation date. 
Please submit a one-page typed outline of your presentation. (20 slides minimum plus references and cover page)
Grading criteria (maximum of 100 points):
  • Content of your presentation, including Q & A, outline = 20 points
  • Presentation style, knowledge (i.e., without reading your notes verbatim) = 20 points
  • Creativity, stimulation of audience interest and interactivity = 10 points

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