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Swank Digital Campus

Streaming current films for class use.

Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

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This is a service of the University/College Library supporting the curricular needs of our faculty. All our patrons may use titles once they are selected and activated. However, only faculty may request that a title is added to our collection of licensed titles. We encourage all faculty to request films that support their curriculum.

How do I find films to use in my class?

You can use titles that are already licensed. The list is on the Introduction page of this guide. You can also look through the Swank Catalog to find titles to request.

Swank licenses thousands of titles from leading producers like:


I found a title in the Swank catalog that I would like to use. What's the next step?

Fill out a title request form and send it to the library. We will get in touch with Swank and request activation. We will send you an email once your requested title is available.

How long will a film be available?

Films are available for twelve months after they are activated.

Can I use movies that other faculty requested? 

YES! All activated titles are available for viewing by all our faculty, students, and staff. You need to use your regular library login to access the title. 

You can add links to them to your D2L courses without asking for permission. Go for it! Just be aware that titles are automatically deactivated after twelve months. To ensure titles are renewed and available for your class, let Michelle Apps know about your intended usage.

How many films can I request for my classes?

The library's license limits us to 25 films per year. Each faculty member may request up to two titles for licensing.

How will my students access the titles I assign them?

There are a few ways.

  • The easiest is for you to include the link in D2L. We have a page explaining how to do that.
  • Every title in Swank Digital Campus has a permanent URL. That URL may be shared via email or on course web pages outside D2L.
  • Finally, activated titles are all available in Swank Digital Campus itself. Students may go the the library home page, choose "Databases by Title", and then choose Swank Digital Campus.

Are there any special technical requirements?

The recommended system requirements include:

  1. Network connection: 1.5 Mbps (megabits) minimum, 3.0 Mbps recommended
  2. RAM: 1 GB minimum
  3. CPU: Intel Core Duo 2.4 GHz minimum

Playback of movies on a computer occurs in a web browser. In general, Swank supports operating systems and browsers that are currently supported by Microsoft and Apple. Check the full list of supported operating systems and web browsers.