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Swank Digital Campus

Streaming current films for class use.
To Kill a Mockingbird
Singin' in the Rain
Anatomy of a Murder
Searching for Bobby Fischer
Shakespeare in Love
The King's Speech
Get Out
Lady Bird
In Cold Blood
Tales from the Hood
Les Misérables
The Chamber
What We Do in the Shadows
The Old Man and the Sea
The Village

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Questions about Swank Digital Campus?

For information about adding or renewing titles, please contact Michelle Apps,

For help using films in D2L, please contact Dan Tan,

For other questions please contact Lynette Vargas,

About Swank Digital Campus

Swank Digital Campus is a streaming film database containing major motion pictures, documentaries, and television shows.  It provides digital streaming access to course-related films, allowing educators to provide enhanced learning experiences. It gives students the flexibility to legally view course-assigned films outside the classroom.

The Swank catalog contains thousands of films and movies. The University/College Library's license allows up to 25 titles to be activated and made available through Swank Digital Campus. Once activated, a film will be available for 12 months

Access Options

Activated films are available from a number of places:

  • from the Swank Digital Campus page. This is in our A-Z Databases list.
  • from this library guide
  • from inside course shells (if faculty add the permanent URL for the film to their course)
  • from the U/C Library catalog


Films available through Swank Digital Campus may be viewed by individual faculty, staff, and students at any time. They may also be used for group viewing in classrooms, in blended courses, and in online courses. Our license does not include Public Performance Rights for these titles, so they may not be viewed by clubs, social groups, or in other non-education settings. Swank provides additional copyright information.

Activation Requests

Instructors must request activation of film before use. Most films are added to our portal within 3-4 days of the request. However, activation may take up to 10 business days. Once a title is active, anyone can watch it, and any faculty member can use it in any class. 

Technical Requirements

Playback of movies on a computer occurs in a web browser. In general, Digital Campus supports operating systems and browsers that are currently supported by Microsoft and Apple. Swank maintains a full list of supported operating systems and web browsers.