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Postsecondary Education Readiness Test


The PERT is designed to help you to be successful in Broward College.

This is not a pass or fail test! Your score on the PERT provides information about your level of skills accomplishment in english, mathematics and reading. By assessing your ability levels in these areas, the PERT helps to determine the english, mathematics and reading courses appropriate for you.

The PERT is an adaptive test. Questions are chosen on the basis of your answers to previous questions. Because the test works this way, you should answer every question when it is first given. You cannot omit a question and come back to it later. No calculators are permitted for the mathematics section.

To help you review for the PERT, the following websites and books will provide sample test questions with answers.


Due to the unregulated nature of the Internet, the University/College Library cannot monitor the sites to which it links, nor any subsequent links, and cannot accept responsibility for the content or availability of those sites.

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