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CGS1060C - BC Online

Browse Issues in Opposing Viewpoints

Go to Opposing Viewpoints Issues page. You will have to log in with your borrower ID (9-digit student ID) and pin (4-digit MMDD birthdate). 

Select a category that relates to your major under the Choose a Category dropdown menu.

Opposing Viewpoints Browse Issues Screenshot

OR look at the the full list of issues. Pick an issue that relates to your major.

For example, let's pretend I am in the hospitality program which is under the business pathway. I would choose Business and Economics as the category. After browsing the topics, I decide to chose food waste because it is an issue within the hospitality industry.

 Opposing Viewpoints screenshot 2


Once I am in the Food Waste topic page I can narrow down my search results by typing "hotel" in the Search Within Results search box on the right side.

Opposing Viewpoints screenshot 3

Once I am in an article that looks like it would work for my assignment I can click on the Citation Tools icon to retrieve the APA citation for the article.

Opposing Viewpoints screenshot 4

Opposing Viewpoints screenshot 5