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What is Flipped Classroom?

Flipped Classroom 

From "An Examination of the Flipped Classroom Approach On College Student Academic Involvement":

The flipped classroom approach involves engaging students in knowledge acquisition of course material prior to a class session, typically through assigned readings or lecture videos, leaving class time for the integration of knowledge through application, analysis or synthesis-based activities (Bergmann & Sams, 2012; Brame, n.d.). In essence, students are introduced to course concepts prior to class sessions, allowing in-class time to offer students opportunities to work with the concepts while utilizing the support of peers and the instructor. As such, in-class learning is shifted from traditional lecture delivery to class activities such as concept checks, discussions, debates and activities involving application, analysis, problem-solving, experiments and/or evaluation. 

McCallum, Shelly, et al. "An Examination Of The Flipped Classroom Approach On College Student Academic Involvement." International Journal Of Teaching & Learning In Higher Education 27.1 (2015): 42-55. Education Research Complete. Web. 17 Nov. 2015.

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