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POS 2112 - Prof. Choate

Research guide with links to state and local government sites.

Research Project Details

"We the People": Analysis of State/Local Government

This project begins with your interest and ends with a written analysis of the process and opportunity to create change through active participation in your government. 

  1. I identify an area of interest that is best analyzed at a state/local level. 
  2. Research the issue and present a clear description of the problem/conflict/opportunity it presents. You must use government websites/data and include at least two academic level of sources. 
  3. State your project as either a question relating directly to your research or possible solution/opportunity you propose as a result of your research. 
  4. Identify the level of government and/or the agency that would provide oversight of #3 above. 
  5. Identify a public meeting/forum or contact your appropriate representative regarding the above. 
  6. Attend said meeting and/or meet with your representative. 
  7. Summarize the results of that meeting.
  8. Analyze if your experience is consistent with the methods of participation we have discussed in class or you find in your text. 
  9. Your submission will take the form of a written paper 5-7 pages in length, double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman, 1 inch margins. You MUST use in-text citations and include a works cited section. 

Contact Professor Choate if you have questions or concerns: