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BC Online: BAS Program

Formatting Your Word Doc

  • Font- Times New Roman
  • Size- 12 point
  • Paragraph:
    • Line spacing- Double
    • Indentation- None
    • Spacing- After- 0 point
  • Margins- 1" all sides

Running Header

  • Header & Footer Tools- Different First Page
  • Type words- Running head: THE TITLE OF YOUR PAPER
  • Insert page number

  • On the 2nd page, click on header area
  • Insert page number

Title Page

  • Centered towards top of page, 3-4 lines from the header
    • Place a logo of your company at the top of the title page (if applicable)
    • Title
    • Your Name
    • Your Institution
    • Your professor's name
    • Date

Sub-headers and Table of Contents


  • Utilize the heading tools in Word to create an effective and organized paper 

Table of Contents

  • Table of contents will be populated from the sub-headers within the Word document

Reference Page

  • Center and type the word References
  • Remaining page is left justified
  • Paragraph- Indentation- Special- Hanging

In-text Citations

  • Insert an in-text citation whenever you quote or paraphrase from a source
  • Author's last name and year of publication in parenthesis
    • Example- (Obama, 2016)
    • Example- (Biden & Obama, 2016)