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STA 1001 - Prof. Fulwood

Raw Data

Steps to retrieve raw data:

  • Click on the link below 
  • Click on a market that interests you
    • Example- Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Browse the "Key Market Indicators" and decide which data points you would like to compare
    • Example- Grocery retail sales and drugstore retail sales


Data Table

Steps to construct a bivariate data table:

  • Write your research question
    • Example- What is the relationship between the revenue of leather footwear in millions in the United States and the revenue of textile & other footwear in millions in the United States? 
  • Write your title
    • Example- Revenue of Footwear in the United States in million (2010-2018)
  • Label column and row titles and units
    • Example- Years, Revenue of Leather Footwear (in millions), Revenue of Textile & Other Footwear (in millions) 
  • Record the data points

Revenue of Leather Footwear and Textile & Other Footwear Sales in the United States in Millions (2010-2018)

Year Revenue of of Leather Footwear (in millions) Revenue of of Textile & Other Footwear (in millions) 
2013 38,225 31,441
2014 38,685 32,527
2015 38,508 33,539
2016 38,583 34,937
2017 37,393 35,682
2018 36,167 37,693

Video- Getting Data Points and Creating a Bivariate Table

Watch this 3 minute video on how to retrieve data points in the library database, Statista and how to create a bivariate data table.