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Seahawk Scholar Information Sessions: Session 2 Advanced Research Techniques

session 2 outline

Session 2: Advanced Research Techniques

Lesson Plan

Students will be able learn how to search subject-level databases, identify scholarly publications, use Boolean search techniques, and employ citation chaining to find relevant information.

  1. Complete pre-survey in registration form.

  2. Students will be introduced to the library website/resources (5 minutes)

  3. Types of Articles video / show & tell with physical examples (5 minutes for video, 5 minutes for show & tell)

  4. Learn how to navigate, evaluate sources, and cite appropriately using U/CL resources. (10-15 minutes)

  5. Complete activity (10-15 minutes):

    1. Find 1 book on their topic

    2. Find 1 scholarly article on their topic

  6. Using Google for Research video

  7. Show how to schedule Student Research Appointments & Writing Lab. (2 minutes)

  8. Post-survey online.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the session, students will,
      1. Learn how to better navigate the U/CL website/resources in order to find and cite scholarly literature.
      2. Learn how to better recognize and evaluate the differences between magazines, newspapers and academic journals.
      3. Find at least 1 book and 1 scholarly article on their topic.
      4. Learn how to schedule Student Research Appointments for further help.