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Seahawk Scholar Information Sessions: Session 3: Poster Creation and Presentation

session 3 outline

Session 3: Poster Creation and Presentation - (

Lesson Plan 

This info session is for students who are presenting or planning to present at a poster session. Poster sessions are a common event at academic or professional conferences, and are used to present research to participants and peers. This session will provide tips on how to create effective posters, including both content and design.

  1. Complete pre-survey in registration form.

  2. What is a poster session?

    1. Examples of good vs. bad.

  3. Overview of effective poster content & design.

    1. Colors, fonts, font size, etc.

  4. How to create effective graphs, charts and tables.

    1. Presentation of technology (Word, PPT, Excel)

  5. Tips for presentation/communication

  6. References/Works Cited

    1. Show how to schedule Research Appointments.

    2. Post-survey online

      *Hands-on Poster Feedback day separate from workshop, nearer to the deadline*

    Learning Outcomes

    At the end of the session, students will,
          1. Better understand research posters and poster sessions, and their influence on scholarly communication.
          2. Learn how to better design, and create effective content for, their poster.
          3. Learn how to better present their poster at a poster session.
          4. Learn how to schedule Student Research Appointments for further help.