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ENC 1101 - Prof. Burns-Davies

First Formal Essay

First Formal Essay: ENC 1101

Remember the first essay is due Monday, September 20th. The essay should be approximately 750 words in length, and it should be typed and double spaced. Use formal essay structure (introduction, body, and conclusion). Also, the essay must be in twelve-point size and Times New Roman font. Remember to provide a heading (student name, professor name, course, date) in the upper left corner. A title must be in the center just above the introduction. And each page number should be preceded by your last name in the upper right corner.

The content of this essay should be an argument on a subject raised in any of our recent selected readings and/or discussions, such as: marketing, propaganda, political campaigns, the commercialization of hip-hop and other forms of art and culture, etc.

You are required to find and incorporate at least one research source for this assignment. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and social media do not count toward the research credit. Also, Wikipedia is banned. Follow MLA guidelines by citing your source(s) (both within the essay and with a works cited page).

Be sure to submit your essay to the appropriate folder in Assignments on D2L.



  • Analyze a specific example of propaganda outside of those discussed in Donna Woolfolk Cross’s article, “Propaganda: How Not to be Bamboozled.” In which category does it fit? Is this example a helpful or harmful instance of propagandist tactics? Consider the demographics being targeted through the propaganda.

  • Select a politician who ran in the 2020 presidential election and analyze how you think they tried to capture the attention of voters. As your evidence, reference specific actions and statements they made, and consider which devices of propaganda they used.

  • Focus on any historical political candidate and analyze their campaign strategy. Which devices of propaganda were used in their campaign? What might they have done differently? Be specific.

  • After reading Kyle Coward’s “When Hip-Hop First Went Corporate” as well as Kay Johnson’s “India and Pakistan Agree: Emotional Google Ad a Hit,” we analyzed examples of the ways in which art and culture can be commodified. For your essay, choose one specific art form or aspect of culture (ex: genre of music, film, cultural event, etc.) that has been appropriated for commercial use. In what ways has this commodification been appropriate or inappropriate? Which demographics are being targeted and why?