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AML2020 - Bolivia- IUSC


You Can Do It!

Use this guide to learn how to research and cite sources for your course.

Paper Assignment

Task :  Generate an original thesis about a minimum of four literary texts in which you argue in favor of the thesis through the lens of a critical theory and support the argument with analysis of the literary texts, as well as a minimum of two scholarly works. 


  • Literary Texts: Two of the texts must be stories from the available readings for the course (including those that are in American Short Story Masterpieces that were not required readings for the course). A minimum of two other literary works (short stories, plays, novels) must be included.
  • Scholarly Articles: At least two scholarly articles must be used in support of the essay’s thesis.
  • Length: The essay must be a minimum of 1000 words, no more than 1250 words (approximately 4-5 pages).
  • MLA Style:  The essay needs to be formatted in MLA style, with a Works Cited list in which the articles and literary texts are documented.  In-text citations should be included in the body of the essay in areas where passages from the literary texts and articles are used.

Critical Theories Covered in This Course

  • Psychoanalytical (Freudian)
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Racial Ethnic and Cultural Identity
  • Reader Response
  • New Historical (History and Culture)
  • Natural World