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Election 2016: News

Election 2016

How to Read the News

Be careful -- just because something comes from a news website, doesn't mean it's an objective fact. Look out for these things:

  • Is it an editorial? Editorials are opinion pieces that are often written by experts (rather than journalists), but are meant to persuade. They may omit or manipulate data in order to convince you of a certain point. Be sure to check for articles expressing contrasting opinions.
  • Is it a blog? Many news sources will host blogs in addition to their traditional news content. Although blogs may be written by journalists, they might include opinions. Sometimes they aren't explicitly identified as being blogs, so be on the lookout for informal language and opinions.
  • Watch out for misleading headlines. Sometimes a headline will distort the story in order to draw people in. Be sure to read the full article to get the entire context, and consider looking at news articles from different outlets covering the same event.

Fact Checking