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Social Behavioral Sciences and Human Services: Books

Finding Books By Campus

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any print or audiovisual materials borrowed from the Central Campus Library must be returned this location ONLY! Please do not return books borrowed from the Central Campus Library to the South or North Campus Libraries.

Subject Sections

Books on Social Sciences can be found in the "H" section of the U/CL, or the 300s on North or South Campus. More specific areas in LOC, for Central Campus, or Dewey, for North and South Campuses are as follows:

Anthropology    / 300 - 310

History "D," "E," & "F" / 900s

Philosophy "B", "BC" & "BD" / 100s

Political Science "J" / 320s

Psychology "BF" / 150s

Sociology "HM" / 301-307

Statistics "HA" / 310

Religion "BL," "BM," "BP," -"BX" / 200s