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Education Pathway

Education Pathway

Type of Information You Need

What kind of information will you need?

By using various kinds of information, you can develop a good picture of your topic and write about it convincingly

Background information will help you understand your topic.
  • Definitions of words or concepts
  • Historical information 
  • Biographical data (e.g. dates of birth & death, parents' names)
  • Demographic data or population statistics 
  • Experimental data & studies 
You can use criticism, analysis, essays, and opinion pieces to learn what others think about your topic. 
  • Book or film reviews
  • Essays or opinion pieces
  • Literature reviews 
  • Academic/ scholarly articles

Scholarly Journals - Education

Journals written by and for educators are helpful in exploring education topics, the realities of the classroom, teaching methods, assessment analysis, and case studies.

To browse these journals, you will be required to log into the BC library.  

How to Read a Journal Article