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ENC1102 - Topic Guide - BC Online

About Technology in Education

"In the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, technology has increased worldwide and affected many aspects of human life. Some of the greatest applications of new technologies have been in the field of education.” (Opposing Viewpoints)

Helpful Tips

  • Should teachers include technology in the early childhood setting?
  • Do you think that giving students laptop computers can improve their education? If so, in what way?
  • What type of laptop program--if any--do you think is most helpful to students? Should every student be given an individual laptop? Should students be allowed to take laptops home with them? Explain your views.
  • How large do you think the "digital divide" is between students of different races and income levels? Can school laptop programs help correct the disparity? If so, how, and if not, why not?
  • Should companies and charitable foundations concentrate on giving laptops to students in developing countries? Why or why not?
  • Make a list of the ways that computers affect your everyday life. What kinds of changes do they bring about? In what areas are they are useful, and where do they cause new problems?

Technology in Education

Online Education

Web 2.0

21st Century Education

School laptop programs 

One Laptop Per Child 

Digital divide 

E-Books/ E-Readers

Topic Pages

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This topic page gives:

  • a topic overview
  • viewpoint essays (pros and cons)
  • academic journal articles
  • statistics
  • primary sources
  • video and audio

and much more!

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This topic page contains a pro/con article including:

  • background information
  • supporter arguments
  • opponents arguments
  • conclusion
  • statistics
  • further resources

and more!

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These reports include:

  • an introductory overview
  • pro/con debates
  • background information
  • chronology on the topic
  • an assessment of the current situation
  • tables and maps
  • bibliography of key sources

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