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ENC1102 - Topic Guide - BC Online

About School Uniforms

" Uniform policies are generally more restrictive and require students wear a particular color and style of clothing—sometimes even dictating where the clothing must be purchased. ” (Opposing Viewpoints)

Helpful Tips

  • Many students have objected to school uniform requirements on the grounds that their freedom of expression--guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution--is being unfairly curtailed. In your opinion, is fashion a legitimate means of self-expression?
  • In the opinion of many educators and parents nationwide, requiring students to wear uniforms improves young people's ability to absorb information in the classroom. Do you agree? Why or why not?
  • In response to numerous school shootings in recent years, many schools have implemented uniform requirements in order to create a sense of social order among students. Do you think dress codes help improve security at U.S. schools?
  • Some school administrators have begun disciplining students who sport provocative tattoos or body piercings on campus. Should administrators have a right to prohibit students from wearing "body art"? Or should young people be able to freely decorate their bodies as a means of self-expression? Explain.
  • Compile a list of steps that schools might take to improve students' educational experience in the classroom. Then, make a list some steps that students might take in order to foster a more positive learning environment in school. Are there any similarities between the two lists? Who do you think bears the most responsibility for creating and maintaining an effective learning environment, students or teachers?

School Uniforms

Dress code

Freedom of speech

Student rights


Teshana Byars et al. v. City of Waterbury 

Long Beach Unified School District 

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