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ENC1102 - Topic Guide - BC Online

About Advertising

"Sellers of products or services use advertising to communicate to the public in order to sell their product or service. Together, advertising and marketing—the business of identifying the consumers’ preferred choices—form a large industry." (Opposing Viewpoint)

Helpful Tips

  • Is electronic/ viral marketing superior to traditional marketing campaigns?
  • Do you think social media and social networking sites are good for society?
  • Are women in advertising portrayed accurately?
  • How do you think women/ minorities in advertising are portrayed?
  • How does advertising affect society?
  • Are political ads fair?
  • Should tobacco and alcohol advertising be regulated?



Public relations

Political ads

Tobacco & alcohol ads

Viral marketing

Social media


Consumer behavior

Advertising & Marketing Topic Pages

Opposing Viewpoints logo

These topic pages give:

  • topic overviews
  • viewpoint essays (pros and cons)
  • academic journal articles
  • statistics
  • primary sources
  • video and audio

and much more!

Issues & Controversies logo

This topic page contains a pro/con article including:

  • background information
  • supporter arguments
  • opponents arguments
  • conclusion
  • statistics
  • further resources

and more!

These reports include:

  • an introductory overview
  • pro/con debates
  • background information
  • chronology on the topic
  • an assessment of the current situation
  • tables and maps
  • bibliography of key sources

Library Resources

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