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Student Success at Community Colleges: Pathfinder

A guide to electronic and print resources, research questions, search terms for the topic of Student Success at Community Colleges.


Write a documented argument that will persuade the reader that you will overcome the statistical realities of attending a community college and succed in accomplishing your stated academic goal(s). The purpose of this essay is for you to write a documented argument that convinces the audience, that, despite the low rates of success, you will earn your desired  college credential within 6 or 4 years depending on the goal.

Click on the link below to see a copy of Dean Nasse's assignment.


Academic Achievement


Academic Persistence

African American Students

At Risk Students


Community Colleges

Educational Strategies

Graduation Rates

Hispanic American Students

Minority Groups

Student Attitudes

Student Characteristics

Student Motivation

Student Success

Two year Schools

Remember that you can combine two

or more of these keywords to narrow

your search, like: 

Minority Groups and Graduation Rates.

Research Topics

What specific barriers do students encounter to succeed in their educational goals and how can they overcome them?

What characterisitcs do successful students have that could be used to overcome obstacles to succeed at educational goals?

What obstacles do at risk or minority students face to succeed at college and how can they overcome them?

What educational strategies can a student develop to become successful with their classes and goals?

What barriers do students face who are the first in their families to attend college and how can they overcome them?

How does motivation effect student success and how can a student develop more motivation?

Are there differences between students at two and four year colleges that effect student success?

Are there difference between two and four year colleges that effect student success?

Are there programs at Broward College and what do they provide that could help students succeed at their educational goals?

Are there programs at other educational institutions that help students to succeed at their educational goals?

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