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DEP2002 - Prof. Jillian Wojcik - BC Online

Abstract & Methodologies

This 3 min video shows you how to find and use article abstracts and methodologies in PsycARTICLES.

Methodology Limiters

You can do a search in PsycARTICLES by limiting by methodology.

Under the methodology, "Empirical study" you will see:

  • experimental replication
  • followup study
  • longitudinal study
  • prospective study
  • retrospective study

Identifying an Empirical Research Article

The slideshow below shows how to identify an empirical research article by the following 5 components:

  1. Introduction and Literature Review
  2. Method
  3. Results
  4. Discussion or Conclusion
  5. References

Read the 9 slides below to learn more about each of the components.

Critiquing an Article

Ask these questions when critiquing an empirical/ research article.

  1. Is the objective of the experiment or of the observations important for the field?
  2. Are the experimental methods described adequately?
  3. Are the study design and methods appropriate for the purposes of the study?
  4. Have the procedures been presented in enough detail to enable a reader to duplicate them?
  5.  Scan and spot-check calculations. Are the statistical methods appropriate?
  6. Do you find any content repeated or duplicated? A common fault is repetition in the text of data in tables or figures. Suggest that tabular data be interpreted of summarized, nor merely repeated, in the text

From The Center for Teaching and Learning at University of Illinois Springfield