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BC Online: Library Video Tutorials

Finding Academic/ Scholarly Journal Articles​

This is a 2.5 min. video on how to easily find academic or scholarly journal articles using the library database Academic OneFile.

Finding Literary Criticisms

This is a 3 min. video on how to easily find literary criticisms using the BC Library's databases.

Ebsco- Advanced Search-Other Langauges

This is a 1 min. video showing how to filter an EBSCO database search to other langauges..

Accessing the Library Databases via Single-Sign On

This is a 2.5 min. video showing how to access the BC Library databases via single-sign on authentication from D2L.

Opposing Viewpoints Demo

This is a 3.5 min. video introducing and demonstrating the Opposing Viewpoints library database.

Intro to PsycARTICLES

This is a 2.5 min. video on how to access articles from PsycARTICLES and limit results by publication date.

PsycARTICLES: Abstracts and Methodologies

This is a 3 min. video on how to  find and use article abstracts and methodology searches in PsycARTICLES.

Intro to eBooks

This is a 3.5 min. video on how to find and use eBooks in BC Library's digital collection.

Persistent Links

This is a 3 min. video on how to embed a BC Library database article or eBook title into D2L or any other electronic source.