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BC Online: Library Video Tutorials

Intro to Databases

This is a 1.5 min. introductory video on library databases.


This is a 3 minute video on plagiarism and how to avoid it.


This is a 2 min. video on MLA and APA citation styles.

Evaluating Information

This is a 2.5 min. video on how to evaluate information to use as sources for your research .

Good Research Habits

This is a 4.5 min. video with 9 tips to easier and better researching.

Search Strategies

This is an 8 min. video with 3 strategies to successfully search the web or library databases.

Finding Specific Sources for Your Paper

This is a 3 min. video showing how to find sources specific to topics for BC Online's ENC1101, ENC1102, and ENC2210 research paper.

Finding Images for Class Presentations

This is a 3.5 min. video on how to find free and legal images to use for your class presentations.