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BC Online: Library Video Tutorials

ENC1101 Information Literacy Session 9.26.16

This is a 48 min. research webinar recording for ENC1101.

ENC1102 Information Literacy Session 6.20.17

This is a 27 min. research webinar recording demonstrating how to find and use library sources on topics for BC Online's ENC1102 final argumentative research paper.

Library Orientation SLS1501 Webinar

This is a 25 min. recording on an introduction to the library resources for SLS1501. Original webinar date- 2/2/15.

BCAE: Introduction to the Short Story

This is a 16 min. video recording on how to find sources for the Introduction to the Short Story research paper. Original webinar date- 4/23/15.

Plagiarism Webinar

This is an 11 min. recording on plagiarism including what it is, examples and how to avoid it. Original webinar date- 3/26/15.

Citations Webinar

This is a 13 min. recording on citations including when to use them, examples and how to create/retrieve them. Original webinar date- 3/26/15.