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Broward College Archives & Special Collections

Housing significant papers, publications, photographs, and other objects related to the history of Broward College.

Manuscript Collections

Manuscript Collections (MS) are sets of cultural material not directly related to Broward College.

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Museum records



Hollywood Arts



Forman family


The Forman Family are pioneers of broward County abnd the Everglades and more. Hamilton Forman secured the commitment which reserved much of the land for educational purposes. Despite the General  Service Administration's ardent desire to sell the property. It would be reserved for the eventual construction of Broward College.


Playbill Collection



Mid-20th Century Travel Brochures


This collection includes travel brochures, information guides, and other tourist-related advertisements from 1940-1955. However, the majority of items are from 1952-1953. This collection is useful for researchers who want to focus on the travel industry in the 1950s. Brochures focus on parks and monuments throughout the United States.


Twentieth Century Sheet Music


Sheet Music spanning from 1918 - 1959


Jacqueline Kennedy


Popular culture material related to Jacqueline Kennedy 1961-2001


Les Goldsmith


Scrapbook - Les Martin was the lead in the 1980 production of Equus. This was the first major production at Bailey Hall,  which opened in 1979.


Olympic reproduction posters



Ocean liner memorabilia



Twentieth Century Popular Culture


Various Magazines - Life,Time , Vogue, US News, Esquire Saturday Evening Post and Antiques. Spanning from 1935-2008.


Twentieth Century Plays



Mildred Mullikin


Her career at BCC Performing Arts spanned from 1960 - 1990.


Broward County Archival Society



Westside Gazette


The Westside Gazette newspapers that are housed in Archives span from 1991 -1994.


UP University Press



Seminole Tribune


The Seminole Tribune Newspaper gives us a extensive  knowledge of the Seminole Culture and it's rich History 1991 - 2004


Carbon Copies



Arizona Highway


Professor Amato

The late Professor Amato taught diversified courses through his career. Letters of appreciation from his students,which resulted i him being awarded Professor of the the year. His career began in 1999 and was a asset  to Broward College and all of the lives he touched.


Book Catalogs - Manuscript


Connie Warner - Calligraphy Donation (Shakespearean Sonnets


The Calligraphy Collection includes 78 Framed Shakespearean Sonnets, 12 Framed Astrological Symbols, 12 framed Months of the Year and 13 Tres Riches heures du Duc de Berry by the Limbourg Brothers.


The Art of Making Money

1706 -1980

Interesting information beginning with the Translation of Benjamin Franklin Rebus to the Call of Arms under General Washington. Reproduced on antiqued parchment that looks and feels old.

Playbill Collection Box 1

1/1 1938- 03 -07 Room service Cort Theatre Alexander Asro, Walter N.Greaza, Cliff Dunstan
1/2 1938- 12 -26 Tobacco road Forrest Theatre Robert Rose, Ann Der, James Barton
1/3 1940- 03 -25 The Philadelphia story Sam S. Shubert  Joseph Cotton, Katherine Hepburn, Van Heflin
1/4 1940 -09- 30 Separate rooms The Plymouth Theatre Alan Dinehart, Glenda Farrell, Lyle Talbot 
1/5 1940- 11 -11 Life with father The Empire Theatre Dorthy Stickney, Katherine Bard, John Drew Devereaux
1/6 1941- 01 -05 Johnny Belinda Longacre Helen Craig
1/7 1941- 06 -01 The man who came to dinner The Music Box Monty Woolley, Virginia Hammond, Ruth Sherrill, James Rawls
1/8 1941- 11 -03 Watch on the Rhine  Martin Beck Lucille Watson , Paul Lukas, Mady Christians
1/9 1941- 11 -24 My sister Eileen Biltimore Theatre Morris Carnovsky, Shirley Booth, Jo Ann Sayers
1/10 1942- 02 -12 Heart of a city Henry Miller's Theatre Gertrude Musgrove, Jeanne McNally, Terry Fay, Virgina Bolen
1/11 1942- 03 -09 Arsenic and old lace Fulton Theatre John Quigg,  Bruce Gordon, Jean Adair, Helen Brooks, Clinton Sundberg
1/12 1943- 01 -24 Blithe spirit The Booth Theatre Clinton Web, Peggy Wood, Leonora Corbet, Mildred Natwick
1/13 1943- 03 -21 Angel street John Golden Theatre Judith Evelyn, John Emery, Elizabeth Eustis
1/14 1943- 06 -06 Junior Miss Majestic Philip Ober, Jeff Brown, Barbara Robbins
1/15 1943- 07 -04 Janie The Playhouse Grant Mills, Clare Foley, Nancy Cushman
1/16 1943- 09 -15 A new life Royle Theatre Betty Field , Sanford McCauley, Alice Thomson, Colleeen Ward
1/17 1943- 11 -14 The doughgirls Lyceum Theatre Virginia Field, King Calder, Sydney Grant
1/18 1944- 01- 23 " 3 is a Family " The Longacre Theatre Robert Burton, Ethel Owen, Edith Gresham
1/19 1944- 03 -04 Jacobowsky and the colonel Martin Beck Theatre Louis Calhern, Annabella,  Oscar Karlweis,  J. Edward Browmberg
1/20 1944- 03 -19 Tomorrow the world Ethel Barrymore Theatre Conrad Nagel, Shirley Booth
1/21 1944- 04 -09 Mrs. January & Mr. Ex The Balasco theatre Betty Field , Sanford McCauley, Alice Thomson, Colleeen Ward
1/22 1944- 04 -09 Lovers and Friends  Plymouth Theatre Henry Daniell, Arthur Margetson, Carol Goodner, Anne Burr
1/23 1944- 07 -09 Kiss and Tell Biltmore Theatre Jessie Royce Landis, Robert Keith, Betty Caulfield
1/24 1944 -10- 29 The voice of the turtle Morosco Theatre Margaret Sullivan, Elliot Nygent , Audrey Christie
1/25 1944 - 11- 04 Harvey The fourty -eighth Sreet Theatre  
1/26 1944 - 12 - 17 Chicken every Sunday The Plymouth Theatre Sidney Blackmer, Lois Wilson, Ethel Remey, Hugh Thomas, Diana Rivers
1/27 1945 -02- 04 Ten little Indians The Plynouth Theatre Neil Fitzgerald, Georgia Harvey, Patrick O'connor
1/28 1945 -10- 07 Dear Ruth Henry Miller's Theatre Howard Smith, Helen Mackellar, Augusta Dabney, Michael Road
1/29 1945 -04- 15 Life with Father The Empire Theatre Harvey Collins, Paul Wells, David Anderson, Arthur Margetson, Dorothy Bernard
1/30 1945- 10- 28 I remember Mama The music box  Mady Christians and Oscar Homolka
1/31 1946 -04 -15 Pygmalion Ethel Barrymore Theatre Gertrude Lawrence, Raymond Massey
1/32 1946 -07- 29 Born yesterday Lyceum Theatre William Harmon, James Daly, Paul Douglas, Carroll Ashburn , Judy Holliday

Playbill Collection Box 2

2/1 1947-03-17 All my Sons Coronet Theatre Beth Merrill, Arthur Kennedy, Lois Wheeler, Ed Begley Karl Malden
2/2 1947 -04- 14 Joan of Lorraine  Alvin theatre Ingrid Bergman ,Sam Wanamaker , Romney Brent
2/3 1947-05-05 State of the union Hudson Theatre Ralph Bellamy, Kay Francis,  Myron McCormick, Minor Watson, Margalo Gillmore
2/4 1947-05-12 Brigadoon Ziegfeld Theatre David Brooks, George Keane, Elliot Sullivan
2/5 1947-11-10 Command decision Futon Theatre Jay Fassett, Paul Kelly, James Whitmore,  Demon Ryan, Paul Kelly
2/6 1948-03-15 Skipper next to God The playhouse Theatre John Garfield, Joseph Anthony, Robert, White, Si Oakland
2/7 1948-03-22 For love or money Henrey Miller's Theatre John Loder, Vicki Commings, June Lockhart, Mark O'Daniels
2/8 1948-03-29 The Heiress The Baltimore Theatre  Basil Rathbone, Wendy Hiller, Patricia Collinge, Fiona O'Shiel
2/9 1948-04-04 They knew what they wanted The Music Box Paul Muni, Carol Stone, EdwardAndrews, Charles Kennedy, Henry Burk Jones
2/10 1948-04-05 Mister Roberts  Alvin Theatre Henry Fonda, Rusty Lane,  Robert Keith
2/11 1948-04-12 Me and Molly Belasco Theatre Gertrude Berg, Philip Loeb, Henry Lascoe, Michael Enserro, Paul Miller
2/12 1948-04-26 Joy to the World The Plymouth Theatre Alfred Drake, Marsha Hunt, Myron McCormic, Morris Carnovsky
2/13 1948-09-06 A streetcar named desire Ethel Barrymore Theatre Jessica Tandy, Marlon Brando, Kim Hunter,Karl Malden
2/14 1948-12-06 The play's the thing The Booth Theatre Faye Emerson, Arthur Magetson, Ernest Cossart, Claud Allister, Robert Clark, Neil Fitzgerald
2/15 1949-01-03 Private lives The Plymouth Theatre Tallulah Bankhead, Donald Cook, Barbara Baxley, William Langford
2/16 1941-01-24 Goodbye, my fancy Morosco Theatre Madeleine Carroll, Conrad Nagel, Shirley Booth, Sam Wanamaker
2/17 1949-09-19 Where's Charley? St. James Theatre Ray Bolger
2/18 1950-01-18 "That Lady" Martin Beck Theatre Katherine Cornell, Henry Daniell, Anthony Radecki, Joseph Wiseman, Peter Barni
2/19 1950-02-20 Detective story Hudson Theatre Jean Adair, Lou Gilbert, John Boyd James Westerfield, Ralph Bellamy
2/20 1950-03-27 South Pacific  Majestic Theatre Mary Martin, Ezio Pinza,
2/21 1950-04-15 Lost in the stars Music Box Theatre  Todd Dunkin, Leslie  Banks
2/22 1950-06-19 Death of a salesman Morosco Theatre James Gregory, Don Keefer, Winnfred Cushing, Howard Smith, Edwin Jerome
2/23 1950-06-24 Come back little Sheba The Booth Theatre Sidney Blackmer, Joan Lorring, Shirley Booth
2/24 1950-10-02 The Consul Ethel Barrynore Theatre Linda Summers, Leon Lishner,Chester Watson, Donald Blackey, Gloria Lane
2/25 1951-03-28 Guys and dolls 46th Street Theatre Robert Alda,Vivian Blaine, Sam Levene,Isabel Bigley, Pat Rooney,Sr., Stubby Kaye,  Tom Pedi
2/26 1951-03-29 Bell, book, and candle Ethel Barrymore Theatre Rex Harrison, Lilli Palmer, Scott McKay, Jean Adair, Larry Gates
2/27 1951-04-05 The Country Girl Lyceum Theatre Michael Howard, Naomi Riordan, Paul Kelly, Uta Hagen, Joseph Helgesen
2/26 1951-04-07 The happy time The Plymouth Theatre Roger Dann, Kurt Kasznar, Leora Dana, Donald Burr,  Edgar Stehli, Eva Gabor Allen Martin
2/27 1951-06-18 Stalag 17 46th Street Theatre Laurence Hugo, Robert Shawley, Framk Maxwell, John Ericson, Arthur Walsh, Douglas Henderson
2/28 1951-11-05 Bagels and lox Holiday Theatre The Barton brothers, Lou Saxon, Marty Drake, Larry Alpert, Rickir Lane and Velvel, Mary Forest
2/29 1952-01-21 The constant wife National Theatre Katherine, Cornell, Brian Aherne, Grace George, Liam Sullivan, Gertrude Musgrove
2/30 1952-03-03 I am a camera The Empire Theatre Julie Harris, William Prince, Olga Fabian, Martin Brooks
2/31 1952-03-24 Three wishes for Jamie   Mark Hellinger Theatre Anne Jefferys, John Rait, Bert Wheeler, Robert Halliday, Malcolm Keen, Jeef Marrow, Ralf Morgan

Travel Brochures 1940 - 1955

Bridal Chambers Brochure

Penn's Cave Brochure


MS 005 Guide to the travel brochures of the 20th century 1940- 1955*


Processed by: Christina Foresman


Date Completed: September 2010


Descriptive Summary

Administrative Information

Online Catalog Headings

Historical Note

Scope and Content

Collection Arrangement

Detailed Description of the Collection


Descriptive Summary


Broward College Special Collections, University/College Library at Broward College - Central Campus

Creator: Unknown

Title: Travel Brochures of the 20th century from 1940-1955*

Call Number: MS005

Extent: 1 manuscript album, 0. 3 linear feet



The travel brochure collection is located in Broward College’s Special Collections department (4th floor of the library).



This collection includes travel brochures, information guides, and other tourist-related advertisements from 1940-1955. However, the majority of items are from 1952-1953. This collection is useful for researchers who want to focus on the travel industry in the 1950s. Brochures focus on parks and monuments throughout the United States. 


Administrative Information



Restrictions to Access

Since there are no restrictions on this collection, it is open to research. However, please contact Broward College Archives and Special Collections, University/College Library at Broward College Central Campus in advance to schedule an appointment.



Anonymous gift  to Special Collections June 2010.

Preferred Citation:

MS 005, Travel Brochures 1940-1955*, Album 1 of 1, Broward College Archives and Special Collections, University/College Library at Broward College Central Campus.


Copyright Notice -Check copyright information-

The copyright is owned by the publishing company. These materials can be utilized for research or other educational purposes but under no circumstances can the publishers’ materials and/or photographs be used for monetary gain.


Historical Note

Following years of despair during the Great Depression of the 1930s and war in the 1940s, Americans sough greater leisure after their victories in Europe and in the Pacific during World War II. In the 1950s, tourism increased across the United States, bringing in more revenue for attractions and more money for state parks.  Cheaper air travel made it possible for Americans to visit more places than ever before. New airplane parts developed during World War II made the price of an airline ticket comparable to the price of a train ticket.  President Dwight D. Eisenhower's creation of an Interstate Highway System in 1956 also resulted in increased tourism as these highways linked the nation via high speed, limited access highways.  

This collection of travel guides from the 1950’s is a historical snapshot of life after World War II. 

Scope and Content

This collection includes a series of travel brochures depicting the travel industry and various attractions throughout the United States. The materials are from 1940 -1955 but a few brochures do not have a listed date. 


Collection Arrangement

Collection is arranged alphabetically by city and state.  


Online Catalog Headings

Travel Paraphernalia



United States – description and travel


Organization of Collection

No Series, strictly alphabetical



Detailed Description of the Collection


Album 1

Travel Brochures, 1940-1955 and undated

32 files


(MS #/Box #/ File #)


005/01/01      Beautiful Atomic Tunnel (Daytona Beach, Florida): (n.d.)


005/01/02      Clewiston Inn (Clewiston, Florida): (n.d.)


005/01/03      United States Sugar Corporation: Visitor’s Pass (Clewiston, Florida): 1955


005/01/04      Ponce de Leon Springs (DeLeon Springs, Florida): 1953


005/01/05      Visit Marine Studios (Marineland, Florida): (n.d.)


005/01/06      Visit Marine Studios (Marineland, Florida): (n.d.)


005/01/07      Colee’s Sightseeing Terminal: Colee’s Tours Incorporated (St. Augustine, Florida): (n.d.)


005/01/08      Explore the Oldest House (St. Augustine, Florida): (n.d.)


005/01/09      Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum of Oddities and Curiosities (St. Augustine, Florida): (n.d.)


005/01/10      Lightner Museum of Hobbies (St. Augustine, Florida): (n.d.)


005/01/11      America’s First Mission Nombre de Dias and SHRINE of Our Lady of La Leche (St. Augustine, Florida): N.D.


005/01/12      Leaflet of Our Lady of La Leche (St. Augustine, Florida): 1953


005/01/13      Casper’s Ostrich and Alligator Farm (St. Augustine, Florida): 1953


005/01/14      St. Augustine Alligator Farm (St. Augustine, Florida): (n.d.)


005/01/15      Alligator! By F. Charles Usina and W.I. Drysdale: 1952


005/01/16      The Legend of the Bridal Chamber at Florida’s Silver Springs: 1952


005/01/17      The Legend of the Bridal Chamber at Florida’s Silver Springs: 1952


005/01/18      See Silver Springs-Nature’s Underwater Fairyland: (n.d.)


005/01/19      Road Map of the Black Hills of South Dakota: A Mountain Vacation Land: (n.d.)


005/01/20      Official Guide to South Dakota State Parks: (n.d.)


005/01/21      Mount Rushmore-National Monument-South Dakota: 1951


005/01/22      Dinosaur: National Monument- Colorado --- Utah: 1952


005/01/23      Explore Caves and Caverns of Pennsylvania: (n.d.)


005/01/24      In Pennsylvania: Penn’s Cave- Centre Hall: (n.d.)


005/01/25      Laurel, Montana- Crossroads of the West-(n.d)


005/01/26      Montana Guest Pass-50th Anniversary-Yellowstone Park: 1953


005/01/27      Hannibal, Missouri- Invites You to Visit the Shrine of Mark Twain: (n.d.)


005/01/28      Mark Twain Cave-Hannibal, MO.: (n.d.)


005/01/29      Great Smoky Mountains-National Park-Tennessee-North Carolina: 1953


005/01/30      Franconia Notch-White Mountains-New Hampshire: 1940


 005/01/31     Miscellaneous-Pack of Matches-Green Lantern Restaurant- Dover, N.J.: (n.d.)


005/01/32      Miscellaneous- Advertisement- See Scenic Green River, Aboard Miss Green River: (n.d.)


*Several documents do not show a publication date.


Work Cited

Air travel in the 1950’s. (2001) American Decades.

Federal Highway Administration.(n.d.) The United States Department of Transportation.


Broward College Archives and Special Collections

University/College Library at Broward College Central Campus

Processed September 2010