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Broward College Archives & Special Collections

Housing significant papers, publications, photographs, and other objects related to the history of Broward College.

College Timeline

Highlights from the History of Broward College

Headlines taken from the BC Scrapbook Collection, listing events chronologically at the Junior College of Broward County and later BCC. Click on year to read the headlines.

























1960 - 1961

TIMELINE 1960-1961

April 1960

College to Accept 1st Pupils

Texan named President of new Junior College

Junior College Positions filled- Dr. Lauderdale, Charles Miley- student director

Early Bird for College- Norma Brown of Pompano Beach first applicant

May 1960

New College Dean Arrives – Dr. E.P. Lauderdale

Junior Colleges May Utilize TV Channel

Teacher’s Scholarships $300 from Broward Educational Association

Junior College Students Move In In  September- Naval Air Station Barracks at Broward Int’l Airport named home of JCBC

Junior College offers freshmen 40 courses- classes slated to begin Sept 6th

Just call this coed granny- Mrs. Emery Authier oldest freshman

June 1960

Teachers assigned to college

No precedents for the President’s wife-Mrs. Rushing will set junior college traditions

July 1960

Full, part-time schedules planned for Junior College

A wide variety of courses set at low tuition

New college applicants total 504

August 1960

College list 626 applicants

Board Okays college funds

Broward’s set for the new college try-600 students will start the new college

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rushing- reception for faculty of JCBC

A college is taking shape

Jr. College picks pair-two high school senior among first six to be admitted-Mary Carolyn and Barbara Lane

Three professors hired for Jr. college-Dr. Robert Cassell, Dr. Brooks Waggoner, John Pryor Hays 

Jr. College girls dean- Mrs. Nan Hutchinson

A librarian’s dream come true- Grady Drake- 400 students expected the first year

Jr. college chosen for FSU studies

First Seminole Indian –Dania reservation – Priscilla Doctor

Jr. college to offer pm classes

Jr. College coed on president’s list- Helen Ann Mendel

Jr. College welcome 600 eager freshmen

September 1960

Sports plans big at Jr.College

Four Jr. College at JCBC- going to school with the help of Florida General Scholarship loan.

Davis site chosen for Jr. College

No age limit on learning

Campus Communiqué

October 1960

Negro College to open

November 1960

$2,219,917 sought for Jr. College- to construct a permanent Jr. College

Jr. College officials open conference today-Manatee Jr. College

Like father, like son- Ewell Chalker

January 1961

Jr. College Ok'd for transfer to other schools

AAJC admits Broward College

Winner of the national secretaries Assn. Scholarship in Agnes

State proposal for Jr. College blasted-educators oppose new board plans

Warden Waggoner, cell block leaders an inmates of devil’s island- presents Christmas open house on December 17th in the library.

New college will induct president

Jr. College enrolls for new semester

Third one denied- Jr.  College sites muddled

Junior college dispute brings suit threat

Foreman vs. Parrish- College site fight brews about first permanent Jr. College campus

March 1961

School park plan goes to Bryant – educational park to be at Foreman field in Davie.

Ax also could hit Jr. College

School warned of sited loss

Educators have ringers for Forman field plan

Student union annual sprung dance

First social event- mid-semester dance at the plantation country club

Double faculty by autumn?  - Jr. College has rough task- Jr. College drop-outs below the U.S average

Trade center urge on new college site

Jr. College seal approved

UM degree for 1 year on campus? Jr. College to offer upper division classes

Two students study free-plantation women club awarded Florence Grande and Robert Strickland

Brainstorm at Jr. College professional studies by ’63

From Jr. College- Three instructors have been appointed-Rosemarie Mandle, Rex Brumley, Arthur Foss

Professors know dollar is scarce

Governor learns of education park- state to help forman plan

Summer session planned by JC

Jr. College classes going on home TV

Formal inauguration of President Rushing- Broward Jr. College comes of age Friday

College project started- drive for scholarships for high school graduates who can’t afford college

Jr. College sets rites

Freshman girl tops Jr. College honors-Helen Ann Mandel

School aid sought from state heads

Broward Jr. College Honors 25

Negro JC hearing to be set

Its official now- with an ovation of the president

Education rolls to double – Jr. College –dike for a flood tide

Study skills top guide to student’s success in future

Tennis champs-Janet Stepp, Bob Perrigo, Judy Booth, Jim Maloney

To aid forman field plan- planners tap brain bank deposits

April 1961

Board to hear college mixing

Jr. College plan unsatisfactory to negroes; 2 ask integration-first negroes apply at Jr. College James Vickers and Constance Nuby

Negro drive united- seek total integration

Officials ready proposal on Jr. college mixing plea

Education park board established

Group mulls idea- Jr. College set for Negroes

 Negro group vows fight for college

Jr. college site has school board spot

College funds pushed

2 two Jr. college instructors sited- awarded national science foundation scholarship –Henry Graziano and John Yost

School fate awaited

May 1961

Jr. college negro list totals 5

Presidential address

Mr. and Mrs. Rushing- presents a luncheon

Jr. College fund slash hurts here

$22 million ask- college keyed to tax

Jr. college students pilot own workshop

Jr. college to cut first caper

Vietnam player of the Jr. college present Jean Anouilh- ring around the moon

South increased funds for school but it will take more

Educator boost school park plan

In Broward schools –suit is filed to mix classes

June 1961 
Negroes warned of suit

1961 - 1962

TIMELINE 1961- 1962


July 1961

Corporation formed to aid School Park

Jr. College applicants undergo test

Jr. College deans list honors 21

Negroes discuss Jr. College

County seeking more free land

Jr. College doubles number of adult classes


August 1961

Jr. College enrollment hits 1,200

Cabinet dole assures Jr. College start-final doubt erased

Urge Negroes to boycott Jr. High


September 1961

Even some furniture was missing – order follows chaos in county school

Nurse training planned at Broward Jr. College

Educational Park backed by CC Board

Business course scholarship granted – first federal aiding junior college pupil

For scholarship – teacher’s memory to live in fund- Gail Johnson Smith


October 1961

Board won’t ok U.S. loan plan

Jr. College pre-meds get down to business

Parking summit is asked

Financial deals are on cash basis

Decal-less BJC students may become auto-less

College dean makes study of students

First federal sponsors thrift essays – sixth grade essay efforts


November 1961

Jr. College sets technical plans- two year technical program for September 1962

Center-type education called most costly- taxpayers worry they’ll have to shell out for it

BJC intramural football champs the Bull-tangs led the four intramural teams with 5-1-1 record


December 1961 

Jr. College expects night school records – 15 new courses

Jr. College plans three new service courses – cancer education, kindergarten-nursery operator and insurance underwriter

Jr. College gets NDEA equipment

Student government of JCBC sponsored- Don Cossack group’s refreshing concert

County planners ok educational park project

Dinner to help the library

Jr. College frosh can get head start

At Jr. College donations slow for loan funds

School board renew drive- Jr. College loan fund sought to aid students

Student programs seek smoother college invasion

Jr. College studying at-home TV classes

Jr. College gets grade ‘A’

Ashmore proposes $150 boost- to increase teachers’ salary

Negroes to get facts on college

Building program revised – Jr. College move stalled

Action requested on parking

Trades courses planned

2nd college capers on stage Saturday

Miss Carol Sue Young to be fourth debutante

$2million cut ‘impossible,’ says Ashmore- in school budget

College papers- student government association

Gift puts Jr. college step nearer the star

Jr. college chamber meeting speaker

Teacher raises ok'd in $28million budget

Boycott reported at college

$$$ veto to help our JC?         

Student government presents Players Inc.

Jr college no snaps; 15 pct of grades are F

Dr E.P. Lauderdale, chairman Inaugural committee JCBC

The first annual convention of the Flunker Jr. College

Student government presents administration-faculty yuletide festivities


January 1962

Board gets new school plans today

Board gets Jr. College negro plea

Sales tax boost urged by Calvin – to support school

Expert look due jr college

Integration continues quietly

February 1962

A straight A is recorded by student – William Daniel Kearney

School site sale gets ok

Jr. College Artist series open

A midsummer night’s dream first in series

Broward JC gets basketball team


March 1962

300 sign up for BJC

At college library gift books fill shelves

Banks may join student aid plan

BMA aids library funds


April 1962

Jr. college plans approved


May 1962

73 in 1st graduating class to get Jr. College degree

Mr. and Mrs. E.P.Lauderdale present a reception honoring the JCBC graduates

Bank loan plan set up for college- federal aid

Jr. college drops plea for federal aid

Soph wins scholarship – John Tayloe Harfield first recipient

The educational crisis – the Jr college may fill gap

Students to be honored at civic club luncheon


June 1962

She was the first to get diploma

Dania Rotary aids college fund

Jr. college to get electronic brain