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Broward College Archives & Special Collections

Housing significant papers, publications, photographs, and other objects related to the history of Broward College.

Asian collection

Broward College Archives & Special Collections contains many rare books and non-literary manuscript collections to help you with your research.  Are you having a hard time choosing a topic?  Take a look at these classics for a fresh start on international cultures, historical issues, and many more.

Deities and Dolphins Cover

Venture in the East Cover

Glueck, N. (1965). Deities and Dolphins: the story of the Nabateans. New York, NY: Ambassador Books.

This book depicts Illustrations, maps and drawings representing Dr. Glueck's research during an excavation to the Nabataen temple of Khirbet Tannur. Includes bibliographical references (p. 559-570) and index.

Lancaster, B. (1951). Venture in the East. Boston, MA: Little Brown and Company.

This 1951 novel is based on a true story of how the English take the Philippines from the Spaniards. During this historical struggle, Japanese laws are challenged when a Dutch lady who was born in Japan boards a ship to freedom.

Seeing Japan Cover

 An English Girl in Tokyo

Matsunaga, P. (1959). (Eds.) Seeing Japan. The Mainichi Newspapers. Osoka, Tokyo: Dainippon Printing Co.

This is a 1950s travel guide for tourists visiting Japan. It includes colorful advertisements for entertainment venues.  

Richardson, T. (1905). An English Girl in Tokyo. London: Heath Cranton & Ousely.

An insider's perspective of the Russo-Japanese War.  The main character of this story, Violet, describes the events that led to increased access in trade routes in the Far East.

 The Tale of Genji

The Sacred Tree

Murasaki, L. (1926). Arthur Waley (Trans). The Tale of Genji. New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin Company.

An introduction to the fifty four chapters about Prince Genji and his heir.

Murasaki, L. (1926). Arthur Waley (Trans). The Sacred Tree. New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin Company.

This work of death and rebirth tells the story of Rokujo's heir and his challenges of fatherhood. 

A Wreath of Cloud

Blue Trousers

Murasaki, L. (1927). Arthur Waley (Trans). A Wreath of Cloud. New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin Company.

A Wreath of a Cloud, the third book in the Genji series, focuses on an expansion of Genji's promise to wed the future Emperor Ryozen in the middle of the thirteenth century. 

Murasaki, L. (1928). Arthur Waley (Trans). Blue Trousers. New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin Company. 

Genji arranges a marriage for Tamakatsura, although he is already in love with her. Tamakatsura's husband is driven to have her by his side at the Emperor's Palace.  This causes tension between the two men. 

A Japanese Nightingale Birds of Southern Third of Africa

Watanna, O. (1901). A Japanese Nightingale. New York, NY: Harper & Brothers.

Winnifred Eaton writes exquisite romances between women of Japanese descent in courtship with Americans.  Her pen name, Onoto Watana, was meant to attract Japanese enthusiasts to read this novel.

C.W. Markworth-Praed & Captain C. H. B. Grant (Series 2, Vol. 1)  Birds of the Southern Third of Africa. London, Longman's Green & Co.

Birds of the Southern Third of Africa is a reference work that provides clear and concise information on Ostriches, Wagtails and various other birds within the southern part of Africa.

Life of Japan African Game Trails

Miyakawa, M. (1907). Life of Japan. New York: NY: The Baker & Taylor Company.

A rare volume on Japanese customs, culture, and class. This also illuminates foreign relations between the United States and Japan.  

Roosevelt, T. (1910). African Game Trails. New York, NY: Syndicate Publishing.

An account of the African wanderings of the former President of the United States and an American Hunter Naturalist.