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Information Literacy Assignments

About this Guide

In Fall 2015, the College Assessment Team for Student Success (CATS) at Broward College agreed to designate information literacy as one of the General Education competencies to be assessed for the next five years. The Gen Ed Rubric contains three information literacy indicators:

  • selects appropriate sources
  • uses and integrates sources that match research need
  • incorporates sources with proper formatting and attribution

Click on the link below to view the full rubric.

This guide contains information literacy assignments, activities, tools, and assessments to support the information literacy competency as part of the General Education Rubric. These resources can be used for all courses, not just the Gen Ed courses being assessed by CATS.

Got Feedback?

Please contact your campus librarian if you would like to:

  • collaborate on an IL assignment/ activity
  • have us create a customized IL assignment/ activity for your course
  • have us create a customized library resource page for your course

If you would like to schedule an information literacy instruction, please complete the form below.