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BOT 2800 Prof. Chung

STEM Librarian

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Elena Lazovskaia-Hall (Broward College)
University/College Library
3501 Southwest Davie Road
Davie, FL 3331

Library Resources

Books are a good resource to start with because they provide an overview or background information on a subject. If you don't know where to start, the library catalogs will help you locate books on your topic.
Boolean Searching
When you are searching for books/articles, you can make your searches more effective by using ANDOR, and NOT connectors. The ANDOR, and NOT connectors allow you to connect keywords and determine the relationship between them.
The most frequently used keyword connector is "AND." The "AND" connector will narrow your search results and retrieve books/articles containing all of the words it separates.
Example: You are searching for books/articles on Medicinal Plants in the United States.
The two main keywords for your search strategies are Plants and United States

Your library has access to databases that can lead you to science magazines and journal articles. The University/College Library subscribes to many research databases. Some databases cover several subjects; others cover a specific subject in depth.