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Zika Virus: Pathfinder

Mosquito Bite Protection in Florida

Simple safety tips for Florida residents and visitors are outlined in the Mosquito Bite Protection in Florida brochure. For regular updates, visit the Florida Department of Health Daily Zika Update

Countries and territories with Zika autochthonous transmission in the Americas


     Source: Pan American Health Organization 

Research Assignment Topics

  • What is the Zika virus?
  • What are the symptoms associated with the Zika virus?
  • Aside from direct contact, how else can the Zika virus be transmitted?
  • What is microcephaly and how is it related to the Zika outbreak?
  • How have travel guidelines affected tourists/tourism in areas where the Zika virus has been confirmed?
  • What preventative steps can be taken to minimize the spread of the Zika virus?

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         Mosquitos on the Rise


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Student Research Appointment

Student Research Appointment

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Other Zika virus Resources

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