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Juveniles Tried As Adults: Pathfinder

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  • Does trying juveniles as adults help reduce crime?
  • Should juveniles convicted as murderers receive the same punishment as adults?
  • Is “blended sentencing” a possible solution to the problem?
  • Are juveniles who are put through the adult penal system more or less likely to repeat crimes?
  • What is the impact when juveniles are imprisoned with adults?
  • Should juveniles be held to the same level of accountability as adults?
  • Are minority youths more disproportionately affected by these laws than white youths?
  • Does locking up juveniles for life constitute cruel and unusual punishment?
  • Can adolescents understand the gravity of their crimes?
  •  Should there be an age limit as to how young a child can be to be tried as an adult?
  • Should juveniles be subject to the death penalty?
  • Should juveniles be tried proportionate to the severity of the crime?
  • Should intent for juvenile crimes be taken into account?


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