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WST 3930 - Feminist Perspectives on Gender: Home

Professor Kathryn Smith

FAU at Davie

Welcome to the University/College Library. This is the library for you at FAU Davie Campus. Room 103 is exclusively a FAU computer lab and you will need to log-in with your username (first part of your email address before "") and your birthdate (MMDDYY).

In order to print you will need either your OWL card or you can purchase a blank guest print card for $1.

From home you can access the resources of the FAU Library at Boca through Off Campus/E-Z Proxy. You will need to enter your OWL card number (all of the numbers that are between the "A"s) and your birthday without the year (MMDD).

Internet Search

If you choose to use the internet for your research keep in mind these things:

  • How authoritative is the source of information?
  • How accurate is the information?
  • How reliable is the information?
  • How current is the information?
  • How relevant is the information to my topic?

Don't forget that you also have to cite the source. Can you identify at least an author, title and date?

Journals vs. Magazines

Journals - Academic / Scholarly publications of articles written by experts in the particular field of study. These articles are written for others within that particular discipline or profession using vocabulary and terminology common to them. Example: Journal of American Medical Association.

      (Within journals is the more rigorous scholarly peer-reviewed or refereed articles that have to pass review by a board of experts in the field before publication.)

Magazines - General publications of articles written for people to get an overview of a topic, meant for general population comprehension. Magazine articles may be written by experts but are meant to be relatable to a larger audience than journals. Example: Newsweek.

FAU Databases

These are some of the databases available to you specific to women's studies. All of the following databases/electronic journals are available off-campus via EZproxy.

FAU Remote Access

FAU Owl Card


The FAU Libraries provide off-campus access to its databases and online journals through EZproxy. Off-Campus access is restricted to currently enrolled FAU students, faculty and staff.

Off Campus Connect (EZproxy)

 If you are having difficulty accessing EZProxy, please contact the FAU library in Boca Raton at 561-297-6911.

Contact Information

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Cite Your Sources

These sources will help you create your "Works Cited" or "References" pages. Remember you can always contact us, if it gets confusing (and it usually does!)