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Industry, Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation Pathway: Industry, Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation

Your Career Path...Industry, Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation

Programs in Transportation are designed for students to develop skills necessary to design, maintain and operate vehicles; utilize vehicles to move products; or design and manage systems that vehicles use.
Programs in Architecture & Construction are designed for students to develop skills necessary to design, construct and inspect the structures that we live in and use.
Programs in Engineering & Engineering Technology are designed for students to develop skills necessary to design and manufacture the products that people use such as mobile phones, pharmaceuticals, computer programs, space shuttles and roads. 
For more information on IMCT careers at Broward College, please visit this page.

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  • Go to the reference desk to learn how to find supplemental books on your course topics.

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Broward College Career Coach

What do you want to do with your life? What are the “hot jobs” with the most growth potential?

Broward College’s Career Coach can help!

  • Connects students with Broward College majors related to specific jobs and careers.
  • Provides the most current local information about wages, employment, job postings, and necessary education and training.
  • Gives career suggestions based on your interests.


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